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VisitU: VR in healthcare

The world of medicine is exploring several avenues and uses for VR to help doctors and patients. Some doctors are now wearing VR headsets in the operating room to give medical students a more in-depth look at the surgical procedures. Additionally, hospitals are experimenting with VR as a means of making patients feel more comfortable. For example, VisitU,

VisitU at Our Future Health

VisitU presented at Our Future Health, a very inspiring conference about innovations in healthcare. Over 40 (inter)national speakers presented their stories. Read more on the website of Our Future Health, or watch the amazing talks online (it’s all recorded!)

VisitU presents at the Dutch Technology Week

May 28th, Drs. van Rooijen will showcase and present about medical innovations and VisitU at the Dutch Technology Week, hosted by ASML Veldhoven and Máxima Medical Center. Will you join!? Be there to listen to the newest developments of VisitU and experience the livestream in the ‘DO – area’ .    

VisitU started in RadboudUMC

VisitU started officially in Radboud University Medical Center – Amalia Child Hospital! From now, more patients benefit from the live at home experience when lying in the hospital. Maartje, 17 years old, had the first experience in RadboudUMC and had the biggest wish to be ‘just’ at home.

VisitU at ICT and Health

VisitU showcased its special virtual reality livestream system at the ICT and Health conference. Many visitors experienced the VR livestream and feld immersed for a moment. Do you also want this live VR experience yourself? Please contact us and we will get back to you soon!    

VisitU presents at Our Future Health

  VisitU will present on OUR FUTURE HEALTH! Over 30 hours over content,  20+ locations worldwide, sharing the newest technologies & innovations within healthcare and awesome startups. On the 26th of May, Nijmegen will be the stage for a conference on Our Future Health. Or maybe we should say: Your Future Health.   Theme of the conference is how