Story behind

Story behind

Where it all started

The end of 2014, Drs. van Rooijen – in that day still a medical student – walked into the patient room to ask what patients really missed in the hospital.

Strange enough, he did not hear anything about the substantive medical treatments, but rather about how they felt and what could be improved accordingly.

It was not just one patient, hundreds of patients were questioned to find out where we can still offer that little bit extra for a better stay in the hospital.
100% indicated that they wanted to have more contact with loved ones, family and friends, when they are sick and lying in a cold hospital environment.

In order to satisfy these desires and needs Drs. van Rooijen, in collaboration with the Reshape Innovation center of the Radboud University Medical Hospital, made the step to investigate further. Contact methods such as Skype, FaceTime, or visiting the hospital proved insufficient. Families often live far from the hospital, or have no money to drive back and forth every day. Maintaining a large family or busy job also limits the possibilities to drive every day past the hospital. In addition, a patient would have preferred to have the real-life experiences that he / she is together with loved ones.

Virtual reality proved the solution, the real experience. But only in a way that was not yet invented. – Virtual Reality Live Streaming – to be broadcast live, the experience in a different place, was developed based on the needs of our patients.

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