What we do

What we do

VisitU allows patients to get in contact with their beloved ones whenever en wherever they want.

Using the newest technology, VisitU provides patients in the participating hospitals with virtual glasses. A VisitU app can be downloaded on a smart phone and inserted in the virtual glasses. The app makes live contact with a 360 degree camera at patients’ families home, back at school, at a special occasion, even a birthday or a football game. So patients can relax and still experience the enjoyments of their lives.

VisitU is more than a company providing hard and software to patients. It is an institution delivering content based on the specific needs of patients. VisitU, with its entire medical and technical team, is constantly improving the technology on the wishes of patients, Scientific research is initiated to discover the exact benefits of virtual livestreaming on patients’ in hospital experience, well-being and time of recovery.

VisitU is made by – and made for patients with the help of doctors, nurses and many more health care professionals plus the support of high end technology companies and business developers.


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